Sandwich America® is the first food and lifestyle brand launched by the team at Tiki Hut Brands. Founded by World Sandwich Champion Jennifer Daskevich, Sandwich America® is a place where sandwich lovers can unite and celebrate all things sandwich.

Why Sandwich? Simple. Nothing is more versatile than a sandwich. It can be breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or a snack. Sandwiches cross every culinary trend and are embraced by all cultures. Whether it be quick and simple, ethnic flavors, elevated gourmet ingredients, farm to table food, or healthy lifestyles, sandwiches fulfill every every appetite. There are tens of thousands of restaurants, bars, food-trucks, and dives across this great country that all have a signature sandwich. And, many home cooks claim to have the best sandwich in the world.

At Tiki Hut Brands view food as a way to bring people together. So, our goal with Sandwich America® is to celebrate and elevate the simple sandwich into something even more special.

Come join us at Sandwich America® or follow along on social media.