Edible Oceans

Edible Oceans is a landing place and social media brand celebrating sustainable seafood and the coastal lifestyle.


Edible Oceans was founded by the 2012 winner of Food Network’s World Extreme Chef Terry French.

His love for cooking outdoors was the driving force for the development of Edible Oceans.

Terry combines his passion for travel, love of new adventure and the best fresh ingredients possible to create the most daring culinary experiences. 


With a total coastline of over 95,000 miles, not to mention lakes and rivers, the United States is the ideal launching pad for Edible Oceans. Americans consume a total of 4.8 billion pounds of seafood annually (or approximately 15.8 pounds per person) so seafood is not only good eating and a big part of American Fare, seafood is big business. 

A branded food platform with seasonal promotions, fresh content, and live events (more on that coming soon), Edible Oceans drives consumer and shopper engagement to create results for brands and restaurants.