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Video ignites the senses combining sight, sound and motion. When done well, video delivers a story that resonates with viewers and creates an emotional connection for your brand. Digital video is expected to reach nearly $13 billion by 2018 and will be the fastest growing category on mobile and desktop through 2020.

Great video content has never, ever been more important than it is today.

TIKI HUT PRODUCTIONS includes development, creative and editing capabilities and a wide variety of partnerships to create one-of-a-kind stories through great content and broad distribution. We are creative yet efficient.

Using selective focus, composition and other fancy pants technical terms honed from decades of filmmaking, we are comfortable in studio and on location. Our goal is to produce eye catching images and bring your story to audiences in a compelling manner.

In addition to producing original content for Sandwich America, Edible Oceans and Dock-n-Dine TV for our parent company (TIKI HUT BRANDS) we create original content for a wide range of brands in the food and beverage, real estate and other industries.

We partner with experts in video distribution with a potential total audience rach of 125,000,000+ for video content across digital and social channels.

We create content that moves.

On Location in the Kitchen

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